Our state-of-the-art BTA drill, high precision services, and elite specialists, combined with competitive pricing have given us an international repute.

We can bore deep holes with exceptionally low concentricity of 0.004’ / 0.1mm, while maintaining an outstanding precision of ±0.002’ / ±0.05mm hold limits. Our industry-leading boring services can deliver phenomenally precise deep holes at depths of up to 26’ / 8000mm and a large diameter of up to 7” / 178mm.

These impressive numbers are made possible by our workhorse, the BTA boring machine, which is one of the most capable and high performance models in the market. We have the capability to work on a range of metals, alloys, and super alloys. As boring causes the highest wastage of raw material used in components, it is undesirable for components made of expensive metals and alloys. So, trepanning is preferred for boring expensive metal components, whenever possible. It leaves a solid core intact, saving that much of raw material.

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High precision deep hole boring services are paramount in a variety of important industries like oil & gas, aerospace, and industrial equipment. In such industries, ‘great’ is just not enough and perfection is the only acceptable quality standard. That’s why, we are the most sought after and highly regarded engineering service in these industries.