Focal has become the most trusted and reliable engineering partner across industries for precision honing services.

We are fully equipped to handle the most complex and challenging honing specifications in any industry. Over the decades of our operations, we have been refining, improving, and perfecting our honing machines to make them capable of handling even the most unique challenges.

Our high precision equipment and proficient specialists can deliver honing services that are significantly superior to the industry standard.


Here are the highlights of our honing capabilities:

  • We can produce hones of sizes 375” / 9.525mm to 1.5” / 38.1mm in diameter
  • We can minimize the hole size variances to as low as 0.0005” or 12 microns.
  • We have the capability to offer honing services for up to 26’ / 8000mm deep holes.
  • Our final product can bring the surface finish to anywhere between 63RMS and 8RMS, as per your requirement.
  • We can maintain this honing quality on a variety of hones, including off centre, on centre, through and blind holes.