Focal has been manufacturing Industrial ideas into reality for more than 10 years.

Our industrial machining services are characterized by three core offerings:

  • Flexibility to meet high volume and low volume machining requirements
  • Deliver exceptional quality and precision machining on products of eccentric complexity
  • Exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and price

Every machining service we offer combines these core offerings into a highly efficient and first-class experience for our industrial clients. Our innovative approach, precision engineering capabilities, and problem-solving ability helps us transform our customers’ visions and designs into superior quality industrial equipment and components. This is why we are the leading supplier of high performance and high reliability components that work in extreme conditions, such as highly complex downhole tools used in the upstream Oil & Gas industry to the critical engine components used by premier aerospace companies.

It is because of our expertise and ability to deliver components of uncompromising quality, and extended service life in the harshest of environments that a number of our clients have integrated us into their design and development processes. Together, we push the boundaries of human knowledge and innovation.