Focal has 40 years experience with the manufacturing of components for the Medical Industry.

The components, instruments, and implants that we machine for the Medical industry touch the lives of millions and have a profound impact on their long-term health and wellness. Needless to say, we understand that ‘best’ is just not enough. That is why, perfection is the only acceptable quality measure at Focal.

Our high precision machining services match the toughest standards in the Medical industry, including the highly coveted FDA approval. In addition to a vast spectrum of metals and alloys we work with, we also machine medical grade titanium, which has extensive orthotic applications.

In fact, our gundrilling, EDM and wirecut processes produce extraordinarily accurate prototypes and batch replicates of our Medical industry customers’ 3D models. Our advanced facility, operated by the industry’s best engineering talent, is fully capable of handling end-to-end machining requirements from design to machining to delivery.

Here are some of the examples of components we machine for the Medical industry: