Our precision trepanning equipment are designed to drill deep holes in a way that keeps metal wastage to the bare minimum. Instead of chipping away useful metal, we leave a solid core, which can be reused for other applications, thereby producing significant cost savings.

Focal offers trepanning services to multiple customers in key industries with unique industrial requirements. Trepanning has a multitude of applications, because of its advantages over other available machining services.

Our trepanning services are the most sought-after for the following applications:

  • In industrial applications, wherein the parts are made of expensive metals like titanium and Hastelloy, trepanning brings enormous cost savings by preserving the solid core for reuse.
  • In addition to saving raw materials, trepanning also saves the additional power and time that would otherwise be spent on chipping away all the solid metal with the boring process.
  • In some fields, such as the nuclear industry, solid cores are required for post-processing testing. In such cases, trepanning is the most reliable way to obtain the sample for testing.

Focal’s trepanning services enjoy industry-wide repute because of our sophisticated equipment, advanced capabilities, and commitment to delivering perfection to our clients. We can produce trepans as small as 1.75” / 44.45mm and as large as 5” / 127mm in diameters, at depths of up to 26’ or 8000mm. When material and cost savings are of utmost priority, we can produce trepanned cores that are just 1” / 25.4mm smaller than the bored holes.

Our state-of-the-art machining facility boasts of in-house equipment to trepan a wide variety of metals, from the more common stainless steel to exotic metals like titanium or Inconel. Our seasoned specialists have the expertise to meet your every requirement, every specification with a precision that remains unmatched in our industry.