Focal is the most trusted engineering service by major businesses in critical industries, such as Aerospace, Medical equipment, Oil & Gas, and others. When the stakes are high and the cost for anything short of perfection is prohibitive, Focal is the first point of contact for leading enterprises in a variety of industries!

Our advanced engineering facility features custom-built CNC machines, high precision turn mills, and 3, 4, 5-axis machines that are fully capable of handling your unique industrial specifications. Actually, we love challenges. We enjoy taking challenges and transforming them into a specimen of perfection. Our services consistently deliver high quality, precision, repeatability, and fast turnaround. We don’t aim for industry standards; we exceed them. Always.

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We offer full-service turning solutions, which include off centre, on centre, contour, form, taper, facing, internal diameter threading, outer diameter threading, drilling, boring, and other machining services. We can handle turning jobs of up to 32” / 813mm diameter and 315” / 8000mm length. No matter how unique or complex your specifications, we have the expertise to handle it. In fact, considering our extensive experience, there’s a good chance that we’ve already worked on requirements similar to yours. In addition, we handle components made of a vast variety of materials, including exotic and expensive metals and alloys. No matter what specification you bring to us, you can expect nothing less than excellence from us.

Our 3, 4, 5-axis milling machines have a work envelop of 78.7” x 35.5” x 39.3” or 2000mm x 900mm x 1000mm and can handle workpieces of up to 24” / 610mm diameter and 157” / 4000mm length. We not only provide high precision milling services, but also guarantee fast turnaround and high repeatability for even the most complex components. It isn’t just a coincidence that we are the leading providers of superior quality engineering services to some of the biggest players in a multitude of key industries.